Dony the artist

Who am I?

From Kaseko to Kabula and Afro or even Zouk, Dancehall and Reggae. Name it and Dony has already made songs in the genre. You may also have seen him on various stages, such as Kwaku Festival , RTV Purmerend, Reggae Festival Germany, Flamboyant Park Suriname and many more. This young Dutch artist is a Jack-of-all-trades who can amuse all kinds of music lovers. Do you want to know the meaning of good music? Then you have to start listening to Dony because he is the best artist to make you fall in love with it.

When I started

As a little boy Dony always knew he was going to do something with music. When he got the chance to do that, he took the opportunity with open arms. His music career started in 2008. He then sang in popular bands such as ‘Avion Boys’ and ‘One Man’. By doing many shows and going on tour he gained a lot of knowledge and experience as a musician. Not only is he a good singer, but he’s also good on the guitar. After five years of being part of a band Dony decided to go solo as an urban artist. He is a go-getter, who doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer and will keep on striving for success.


Chardony Strijk, born in Suriname, is better known as Dony. When he was a teenager he decided to move to Holland to study. As a son of a mother who was a mentor in the church choir and a singing and acting father, music was a familiar thing for Dony. Because of his love for both Suriname and Holland the artist is always focused on bringing his music to fans in both countries. Although he lives, works and makes music in Holland, Dony will never forget where he comes from. That’s why he will always represent his birthplace in his songs.

Social Media

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